Streamline the travellers’ experience

Allign your digital services with new traveller expectations.

Inetum considers the Travel, Hospitality and Leisure business from the traveller’s perspective to make trips and leisure time more convenient while meeting environmental/climate constraints, by streamlining  the various steps of the  traveller's journey (pre-stay, stay in itself, post-stay) :

  1. High customer focus, addressing not only the digitalisation of travellers’ physical interactions, but especially by digitalising in with travellers’ changing needs and real-time demand. Reinvent your global loyalty programme to retain customers. Customer-centric approach also in B2B (“Bleisure” trips, people-oriented vs pure corporate approach)

  2. Hyper-relevant content: customer interactions are becoming highly personalised. Data analytics help Travel & Hospitality players to know their customers better

  3. Pushing boundaries: review technical/IT architectures to support data sharing and collaboration with the full travelling ecosystem, including leisure players

  4. Innovation: convenient and fluid customer experience through technology – social robotics, face-recognition at boarding, voice assistance for smart rooms, Virtual Tourism, etc.

  5. Lower and variable costs result in cost optimisation (support functions)

  6. Sustainability and Security: sustainable relationship with customers and ecosystem to maintain growth; security (loyalty/traveller data) and hygiene commitment in travel and leisure  infrastructures (hotels, stadiums, airports…)


Let digital intelligence serve the traveller

Our digital solutions are specifically traveller-centric.

Technologies & Innovations are a key driver to achieve your objectives:

  • A traveller-centric approach and tools (CRM, loyalty management, sales efficiency, Traveller mobility) to allow Travel, Hospitality & Leisure players to provide a digital experience that is aligned to their customers.

  • Efficient data management gives Travel & Hospitality players in-depth knowledge of their customers’ changing needs and real-time expectations, and provides them with relevant content at the right time and safe travel infrastructures.

  • Higher productivity though process alignment (such as ERP); cost optimisation  of IT services (such as Go-to-cloud, SaaS solution) and variable pricing/work units to adapt to fluctuating business demand.

  • High synergies with the whole Travel ecosystem (Transport, Tourism, Hospitality, leisure & sport) though open & scalable IT architectures & IT modernisation.

“Your reliable partner  in digital-experience streamlining, safety and sustainability all along the traveller’s end-to-end journey and ecosystem (Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure & Sport services)”

Digital Traveler Experience
Travel Data Performance
High productivity Variable pricing
Travel/Transportation Turnkey solutions
IT & Corporate Functions
Core business Functions

We support your transformation locally

At your side, wherever you are.

We assist both global and international travel companies (such as large hotel companies, international leisure firms, tour operators, airlines, infrastructure/airport management, etc.) and domestic players (such as sport clubs, hotels…) in their transformation while acting close to clients and ecosystems.

  • Better loyalty of the traveler through enhanced customer experience
  • Sales efficiency by gaining new customers and Increasing revenue per customer
  • Better supply customers with relevant contents at the right moment and to allow them to travel safely

Advanced analytics to know your travellers better and offer them relevant content (smart/predictive booking, cross-selling data analysis, passenger information/PIS, content management/ECM, etc.).

From legacy systems to innovative travel/transportation solutions, digital solutions (Mobility/MaaS, passenger information, CRM, sales efficiency, employee experience, security, etc.) to align digitalisation with travellers’ changing needs and real-time demands.

Through Industrialisation and agile approach of IT operations and services (from design to build & run), with delivery models close to clients and local contexts.

Our know-how, your performance

A catalogue of sector-specific and cross-cutting solutions to cover all your needs.

Personalization of Traveler  Experience

  • Customer Relationhip Management (CRM)

  • Sales & Marketing Efficiency / Sales Force Automation (SFA)

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

  • Automatic Boarding

  • Safety/risk reduction

Travel management and sustainability

  • Data Performance & Big data, cross-Selling , Security/Infrastructure data analysis.

  • Traveller/Passenger Information systems/solutions (PIS)

  • Sales efficiency, Sales Force Automation, Smart Booking (ticket prediction)

  • Traveler counting and monitoring

Travel/Leisure Infrastructures

  • Protection/security of critical travel infrastructures

  • (such as Hotels, Entertainment Parks, Stadiums, Airports, Ports…)

  • Security / Safety

  • Road risk reduction / Automatic Incident detection

Travel Employee Solutions & Cross Functions

  • Digital Employee Experience

  • Digital Workplace

  • Digital Culture

  • HCM

  • Time & activity Management

  • Finance & Control

  • Procurement

Synergies with the Travel Ecosystem & IT Excellence

  • Open and scalable IT architectures

  • IT digitalisation & efficiency, such as Go-to-Cloud, Go-to-Agile, Smart Automation, IT ops, application migration,and cybersecurity

  • Outsourcing & AMS

A broad software ecosystem

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