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iSAC, Intelligent Service Assurance & Control

Increase your visibility and management capabilities by having all your IT services use methodologies, best practices and market solutions that integrate new enabling technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, IT Infrastructure Automation & RPA, and IoT.

The are some models in Infrastructure Technologies such as Service Management, Operations Management and Infrastructure Management that are implemented in all public or private organizations. These models employ best practices and methodologies accepted by the industry - ITIL, CobIT, Agile, DEVOPS / AIOPS and others - which, integrated, offer a wide range of possibilities to increase the visibility, reliability and performance of your IT services. 

IT Management offers a wide scope for improvement – Financial Operations Management, IT Programs & Portfolio, IT Assets Management, IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Infrastructure Monitoring, etc. Every individual model is a complete offer for Service Assurance & Control, and combining them is the best way to pool the wealth of each solution to drive information from devices to the business processes; from edge computing to balance scorecard; from Telecommunications to the cloud; from projects to the end user, or from the root cause analysis to the source code.

These models are not new; what is new is the integration with Enabling Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Robotics and Automation, adding extra capacity and value to IT Operations Services and End-User Support. Therefore, Service Assurance & Control now becomes Intelligent, because it includes new capabilities to accelerate key data access and provide relevant information through different channels, reports, scorecards, and tools to help the customer make the right decision. iSAC thus benefits Enabling Technologies to reinforce your control over IT services and obtain the required performance. 

iSAC is a compilation of solutions that offer 100% possibilities to assure IT performance. For each client, Inetum builds the offer that best suits their needs.

Increase IT value through improved Service Performance

Every IT service, every customer, has their own definition of a service and their own way of measuring it. Sometimes, it seems we are offering a good service, but customer perception could be just the opposite. Information and data are key to improve management and move from perception to reality. Intelligent Service Assurance and Control (iSAC) drives the proposal in four groups of services which work jointly:

to create offices to manage IT Projects and Services and to implement cost models to manage Financial IT processes and manage portfolios, programs, projects and services.

to design and implement IT processes and to implement, upgrade and maintain tools related to processes that manage the IT Services such as Incident & Request Management., Problem Management., Configuration & Change Management, Event Management, Capacity & Availability Management, Service Level Management, and more.

detects and manages assets, defines a service model based in IT assets, and implements business-process monitorization (based on infrastructure, assets, applications and processes) to help customers and IT areas to do root cause analysis on incident and problem determination.

as part of ITOM strategy, includes network design and management, and integration with data obtained through IoT sensors as a crucial point for most of our clients' businesses.


All large enterprises in the near future will combine big data and machine learning to support and partially replace monitoring, service desk, and automation processes and tasks. AIOps is becoming crucial for improving service-performance monitoring, correlating events, doing root cause analysis, and automating. iSAC therefore includes AIOps in its capabilities, to enrich ITSM tickets, better determine the root cause of problems, and be predictive and proactive in monitoring either the IT service or the business – or both – to manage information and knowledge accurately and promptly.

iSAC – the way to better service performance and quality

Make efficiency and service quality your mantra. The integration of Service Management, Operations Management and Infrastructure Management offers a wide range of possibilities to increase the visibility, reliability and performance of your IT Services.

iSAC ensures that the processes, methods, and practices applied across the IT service spectrum are efficient and effectively executed, guaranteeing that all services provided by all IT areas reach the expected level of quality and accuracy, sharing the same objectives and priorities with the various workteams and stakeholders. iSAC performs continuous service improvement and relevant quality control through an agreed Continuous Service Improvement framework (CSI). This framework is one of the relevant points to show the benefits of continuous measurement of every single detailed improvement task or areas, while ITSM and ITOM monitor the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and give feedback to Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) with the aim to improve the performance of services. These are the key activities of project coordination to manage assigned resources and schedule simple changes, upgrades and projects, giving timely follow-up and feedback to stakeholders.

The main benefits are:

  • Deep control of the service provided, even when third parties are involved

  • Better orchestration of the different stakeholders or areas that are performing every task, workorder or event improving coordination or escalation level

  • Increase in the quality of the information to be transmitted

  • Assurance and control of relevant indicators (SLA, KPI, etc.)

  • Greatly improved efficiency and quality perceived by the customer


  • Our knowledge of customers' needs through the service we provide them, and developments in service management based on years of experience and a multitude of services and solutions successfully delivered.

  • Our own experience using IA, RPA and other enabling technologies in Continuous Services to enrich the control of IT Services and speed up response time to daily requests.

  • Our team of professionals with extensive experience and certification in IT management and new technologies.

A complete catalogue of offers for the intelligent control and assurance of IT services

We offer you a catalogue with a variety of solutions and services for ITSM and ITOM. Taken individually, each solution is a complete, stand-alone offer to improve service quality. Or combine them for the best way to put together a comprehensive solution for service assurance and control.

All our iSAC solutions and services are relevant for any type of organization, regardless of the sector that needs to increase the quality and efficiency of its IT services. Our services and solutions can be applied to any type of organization, whether private or public, regardless of its size, activity or starting situation.

Organizations are continually challenged to improve the quality of their IT services for their customers and users, while improving control and efficiency. The combination of our offering is the best way to put together a complete solution for service assurance and control.

The solutions and services we offer are based on our experience and vision of the value that IT brings to all businesses. Our offer is divided into four value lines:

  • solutions to improve the way our clients define their Strategy and Planning, to increase the visibility and reliability of your IT Services.

  • IT Service Management solutions and services allow the implementation and improvement of complete service management systems based on processes and aligned with good practices.

  • IT Operation Management services focus on applying artificial intelligence to the tasks of IT services operation and monitoringthrough AIOPS methodology.

  • Our advanced Telecommunications Services address the incipient needs of organizations to manage their networks and bring them closer to the world of sensorization, edge computing and IoT.

Some 160 governance, IT management, automation, monitoring and telecom experts at your service

We are committed to bring you value solutions and services and help you make the best use of enabling technologies and good practices. Our ongoing mission is to improve and innovate our services. We work with the best professionals and vendors to offer you the best solutions and value.

Our capabilities are based on the knowledge and experiences accumulated by the experts in our highly qualified, multidisciplinary team.
Our iSAC offer is brought to you by a team of 160 professionals with an average 7 years of experience in developing IT Management and technologies.

Our professional knowledge and certifications support our vision and catalogue of services that we offer and perform:

31 Project Managers and Senior Project Managers 

12 consultants specialized in IT performance management and ITSM or ITOM benckmarking  

117 technical consultants

Our technology professionals are experts in governance and service management, project management, monitoring, automation, and network and telecommunications, covering our entire catalogue of iSAC solutions and services. Our team also includes consultants in the latest technologies and innovations, plus professional certifications that guarantee the level of partnership with our best partners.

Among our frameworks and best practices, we have knowledge and experience of IT governance (CobIT5), project management (PMI), service management (ITIL) and agile methods (Scrum and DevOps).

We maintain close partnerships and work with all the main vendors

To offer you the solutions and services in our iSAC catalogue, Inetum maintains close partnerships with the main vendors for ITSM, automation, monitoring, PPM, FinOps, asset management, and telecommunications and network management solutions.

We have maintained close partnerships with the main suppliers of the solutions in our iSAC catalogue over the past 20 years. We share with them our strategy and vision in the development of IT services, working with collaborative models, and growing together to bring maximum value to our clients.

We maintain the highest levels of partnerships with the main players, and are recognized for our trajectory, knowledge and diversity of references and success cases.

We also have partnerships with the main players in the field of ITSM and ITOM platforms, namely BMC and Servicenow.

As for monitoring, we have the highest level of partnership with Dynatrace for AIOPS business monitoring services.

For IT Operations, our partners are Broadcom and Elastic.

Finally, in the field of telecommunications, we rely on our partnerships with major players like Cisco, Extreme Networks, and Huawei.

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