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The Chemicals and Life Sciences industry is first of all facing a globalization issue. Chemicals and Life Sciences rapidly have to adapt their supply chain to market stakes. There is an urgent need for real-time access to expert across the enterprise. ​

The industry is also confronted with a strict regulatory environment, focusing  on safety, environmental compliance, and track and trace capability. The corollary of this is efficient access to document management processes. ​

Chemicals and Life Sciences Business is characterised by structural shifts in industry segments and in consequence agility to redirect strategy and capital, M&A and divestiture. In this context, Chemicals and Life Science players focus on margin, customer innovation and market differentiation in non-commodity. ​

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Customer intimacy and connections are now predominant relying on consumption predictive analytics. This tendency leads to downstream services and product-insight development. As a consequence the day to day business requires ongoing inventory management improvement.

The backdrop of these business issues is volatility in all domains: trading and risk have to be smartly managed, and customers and policy shifts mitigated. ​

These Chemicals and Life Sciences challenges lead to a digital and data response articulated on innovation to disrupt (new product and new services), customer-centricity and engagement, manufacturing and operations excellence, connected digital enterprise, and data value

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