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Use data to “fuel” your transformation. ​

The Energy and Utilities (E&U) sector is facing a triple transformation: the imperatives of energy transition and the development of renewable energies on the one hand, decentralised production and the deployment of a grid network as close as possible to the territories on the other hand, and finally, the tremendous opportunities linked to the penetration of digital technology. In addition, there are structuring regulatory changes and the opening of the market to competition.

Combined with a changing societal environment, particularly due to the emergence of responsible consumption, this intense cycle of change is pushing the sector’s players to reinvent themselves. They are moving their “traditional” business from a “kilowatts” to a “kilobytes” economy, and developing B2B and B2C services based on energy data management to meet new uses (electric vehicles, heat pumps, smart building, self-consumption, etc.) and consumer expectations, while working to optimise the energy bill of their customers.


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Guarantee digital continuity throughout the Energy and Utilities value chain​

Active in Europe, Africa and Latin America, we collaborate with leading manufacturers in electricity, oil, gas, water, waste-management and energy services across their entire value chain: Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Marketing, B2B and B2C Services, Trading, and cross-cutting functions.​

We have developed and implemented a portfolio of business offers for our clients covering the following topics: Energy Assets and Data Management, Predictive Maintenance, Field Services, Smart Grids, Electric Mobility, Meter-to-Cash, Smart Energy Services, and Smart Cities.​

Finally, we apply all our cloud, mobile, digital and Industry 4.0 (IoT, PLM, Digital Twin etc) expertise to support their transformation.

Our service offer covers all the business needs and cross-cutting functions of players in the Energy and Utilities sector

Solutions to optimize and transform existing models

Innovation, proximity and industrialisation to meet the growing challenges of the Energy and Utilities sector


Help global and international companies in their transformations while acting close to clients and ecosystems​


Industrialisation and automation approach to IT operations (from Design to Build & Run) with delivery models close to the local contexts of our clients and their projects (streetshore)​


From legacy systems to innovative solutions – digital platforms for power generation, retail, trading and services, and corporate functions


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