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Accelerate and secure the transformation of the public sector

We have in-depth knowledge of the public sector based on many years of experience in the transformation and digitalization of Public Administration and government agencies.

Inetum addresses the challenges of the new digital citizen and territories.e We innovate and accelerate new citizen-oriented public-service models (Smart City, Smart Government, Smart Health…), and have a global IP Software suite for Local Government, combined with strong integration capabilities.

With our software solutions, our industrial service centres, and our business and digital expertise, Inetum supports ministries, central governments, public agencies, and local administration to accelerate and secure their Digital Transformation.

The next generation of public-services models are based on ecosystems integrated in governments and private organizations, using innovative technologies that permit a new stage of solutions. 

Modernizing the Public Sector

To improve the efficiency of their services to citizens, public administrations can set up their transformation by relying on an innovative technological offer.

  • Digitalize public services and guarantee equal access to the entire population​
  • Streamline the relationship between citizens and public institutions with proactive public services​
  • Lead the ecological transition​
  • Offer civil servants a more flexible, digital, and motivating workplace​
  • Use data-powered ecosystems that are truly user-oriented​
  • Personalize the relationship with the citizen ​
  • Simplify and make administrative procedures transparent ​
  • Aggregate user and operational data for better management, accountability of public policies, effectiveness evaluation, user satisfaction, and service performance analysis (Value Added and Data Driven Government)
  • Optimize the use of resources and the carbon footprint.
  • Boost the knowledge economy protecting public data and facilitating open access​
  • Provide staff with high-performance collaboration and productivity tools, allowing them to move to value-added tasks.​

To be successful in this transformation, Public Administrations need to:

  • Digitize processes using market technologies (portals, CRM, ERP, process automation, etc.)​
  • Modernize and secure existing IT resources (cloud, automation, replatforming, cybersecurity, etc.)​
  • Introduce tested innovations (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, IoT, etc.).​

We transform administrative procedures into services for citizens

Based on our in-depth knowledge of the public sector, we deliver solutions that improve the efficiency of administrative staff and simplify day-to-day relations with citizens.

We provide tangible results:

  • Personalize the relationship with the citizen and the user by simplifying, and make administrative procedures transparent and paperless​
  • Secure public data and facilitate access to it to fuel the knowledge economy by building ecosystems and raise value integrating public and private organization​
  • Enable productivity gains through digitization and process automation​
  • Improve evaluation of public policies, measurement of user satisfaction and service performance​
  • Perform continuous updates in line with latest regulations
  • Provide staff with productivity and collaboration tools, allowing them to reposition themselves on value-added tasks and improve their capacity to take the decisions using public data.​

We work for more than 4,000 clients and more than 4,000 public entities using our own IP Software, and more than 500 institutions at Central and Territorial level for our services activities.​


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A wide range of solutions

Our service catalogue meets the IT needs of government agencies, public services, user experience and local authorities.

  • Consulting services for Public Sector – digital and open government, education, and public procurement processes reengineering and automation, real estate management
  • Citizen experience – Public CRM / Social CRM, Citizen and transparency portals, open data platforms
  • ERP for Public entities – EcoFin, Human Resources
  • Digital Government – telematic notifications, procedure/case management platforms (e-registry and BPM), information & documentation unified repositories (e-Archive), interoperability
  • Smart Territories – Smart City solutions, Territorial Data Platform, School Transport, Smart & Collaborative Territories, Social Welfare, Tax, Urban Planning & Housing Management, Emergency and Management Solutions, Critical sites Solutions

Resources to meet your challenges

We provide you with more than 30 solutions and over 2,000 experts.

Inetum has:

  • 34 software solutions for the Public Sector,
  • 2,300 experts dedicated to the Public Sector, including 600 business experts within Inetum Software teams


employees at 40 sites in France


employees in 22 shared service centres who specialize in infrastructure management or application services,


SAP experts, 600 Microsoft application solutions experts, 550 Oracle experts, 150 Salesforce experts, 200 HR-Access consultants


innovation centres (including Paris, Nantes, Lyon)


Public Sector User Clubs allowing in-depth discussions over time with a large number of customers.

Our related offers

Inetum Consulting supports local authorities in the digital development of their services by improving the efficiency of their management processes and developing new services for city users (citizens, companies, and associations).

Inetum Consulting helps stakeholders in education and research (MEN, MESRI, CPU, research operators, COMUE, universities, academies) to develop and implement their digital transformation strategy amidst ongoing change (mergers, resource pooling, etc.).

Property is a vector of the digital revolution of tomorrow's cities and a direct source of savings – digital mock-up, optimization and development of the territory, cost control, etc. Inetum Consulting assists local authorities and large administrations to improve their knowledge and control of their property.

Inetum Consulting assists the main branches of the Social Security system (ACOSS, CNAF, CNAM, CNAV) in the design of their projects and assists them in their implementation. Our areas of intervention are property, the implementation or improvement of shared service centres, user relationship management, HR, and change management.

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